Trusting God’s Perfect Timing (January)

In reviewing the past year’s events, I have been reminded repeatedly that God’s thoughts truly are not always our own. In August of 2007, we bought acreage in hopes of building there this past year. We thought we would have moved in 2008 and be settled in a new home by now, January 2009. But as the year wore on and the situation at our property did not progress, it became clearer that possibly God didn’t want us moving, at least yet. Then, as though through dimmed eyes we had not wanted to really realize the fact yet, this autumn the Lord firmly said, “No,” about moving on with building on this property, and since then, He has just said, “Wait.” I have found such excitement in waiting on God’s leading for our move. Following God in any situation is an adventure; and this year that adventure was in moving or not.

In hindsight, I remember the many times I plead for God to answer our prayers, to make the way clear for us to be able to progress with the situation. In my human limitations, I saw the time was drawing short, that things were not coming together financially: I saw so many things that God was not limited by. So many times, I prayed and prayed, only to be once again disappointed that God didn’t answer prayers in the way I thought was best; I prayed and prayed, and then wondered when He didn’t answer at all.

Now, I still only see part of the entire picture. But I stand awed at how God has such a beautiful plan for each and every one of His children. His plan is infinite; we rarely see all the details and rare beauty of His wise plan. Thus, often we doubt His control of the situation; at times we even think we can handle it better. I know that in the coming months and year(s) God will work our destination out perfectly…and so much better than I’d ever imagined. I’ll look back and realize that if things had gone like I thought best, the His whole beautiful plan would have been ruined by my clumsy intervention. He is truly worthy and qualified to handle every aspect of our lives…it is really us who is lacking!

I realize there are many sisters who are waiting on God to do something, to answer their prayers, to do something beautiful with their lives. And in the midst of waiting, they also loose sight of the goal; they get side-tracked so that they don’t see God is leading ever so slowly: they miss the most beautiful part–the sunrise! Maybe He is just waiting on us to learn this lesson.

Wherever you are and whatever you are waiting on, just patiently sit back and trust your dreams God. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the path because you are doubting the Guide. His plan will come to pass…in due time. His timing is perfect…despite us. And He does know best…no matter what we think we know.

God doesn’t always answer prayers
The way we think is right;
He does it all His own way…
God never, ever makes mistakes;
He always there for you. -Berger Family

What has God done in your life this past year? Would you share your testimony of God’s hand in your life? How has He had you wait? Please share with us!