Habits : Good or Bad? (March)

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by Andrea Nymeyer

What do you associate with the word ‘habit’? Do you tend to think of leaving clothes all over the floor, unnecessary throat clearing, or door slamming?

It is true that all of these things are habits, but they are not the only kind of habits. While our minds seem to make a negative association with the word, habits can be positive too. By definition a habit is:

“A disposition or condition of the mind or body acquired by custom or a frequent repetition of the same act.”
(Webster’s 1828 dictionary)

So you see, a habit is simply something we have done so often that we are conditioned to do it without thinking.

We all have these things we automatically think of as our own personal ‘bad habits’? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to change these things to good things? Bad habits don’t have to stay “bad”; we can not only defeat them, but change them to good habits. The earlier we can develop good habits, the better we will make life for ourselves and for those around us. Here are some of the habits we can start to develop today.


  1. Learn to clean up. Our Daddy is in the janitorial business, so some evenings, we play “janitorial company” by working together to clean much of the house. As we’ve grown older, this makes for great memories. We must get in the habit of picking things up. When you walk through a disorderly room, try to grab a few stray things and put them where they belong. If the couch pillows are on the floor, it only takes a second to toss them back in their place. Once you do this often enough you will find your hands straitening items before your brain registers the fact that they need to be straightened. This will be a great blessing to your family now and in the future.
  2. Get up when it is time to get up. This is one that I have to rejuvenate in myself every so often, but is surprisingly easy to develop. After a few consecutive mornings of getting up at a consistent time, it becomes easier to solidify the habit. One of my sisters had trouble with a shortage of time in her day. She started to get up an hour earlier, and is loving it. She was surprised with the fact that she now awakens a few moments before her alarm clock rings. Instill this in yourself now, and when you are a Mother with no one to rouse you each morning, you will be so glad you developed this habit.
  3. Think of God and speak His name. Get in the habit of speaking of the goodness of God and thanking Him audibly. Seeing the beauty in His creation, His protection, and His answers to prayer are just a few of the opportunities we have to praise Him. In order to see His hand, we must already be aware of Him. Keep the Lord in mind whatever you are doing, and you will see the His hand more readily. When you are thinking of God’s goodness it’s pretty hard to be a grouch! Joyful people are the most attractive people – the type of folks who seem ageless.

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These are just a few habits we can be developing now. I challenge you to begin today to implement one of these ideas, or think of one on your own. There are so many good habits for us to implement as we strive to grow into sweet Christian ladies.

Remember that habits don’t have to be bad. They can be a wonderful foundation for your life.

By Andrea Nymeyer:
a homeschool graduate who loves cooking, violin, writing, children, and reading with her family.

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