Focusing on the Lord, Part 1 (February)

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In the midst of the busy schedule of daily life, it can be easy to loose sight of our ultimate goal, which as daughters of the King, is glorifying Christ and doing His will.

Life has become increasingly busy for me during the last few months, with projects to complete and deadlines to meet. My mind has become continually occupied with these projects, always on the race thinking of these things that need to be done and trying to mentally work out problems. In essence, my mind has shifted from the peace and steadiness of Christ, to my surroundings and troubles.

Then the Lord broke through my thoughts and quieted my soul. I felt Him asking me, “Are you doing what truly matters? What are you focusing on? When you are 70 years old, will you look back in regret at how little time you spent during these years pouring out your soul into the only thing that eternally matters – Mwill?”

Shamed, I bowed my head and admitted, “I fear that I someday, yes, I will see the opportunities I missed to invest in the most important relationship, and realize all the riches I missed that are found in Your quiet presence.”

Life is fleeting and circumstances are unpredictable, but there is One in life that makes it worth living – God alone. He is unwavering, never changing, never rushed by approaching deadlines, never faced by complicated dilemma. He knows everything, and He can give me this same peaceful calm – if I will look to Him for that all-comforting grace. One glimpse of my Savior and the agonies He faced pales the stormy weather around my troubled spirit. He knows what I am facing. He has sufficient grace!

“Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away.”
(James 4:14)

Sister, I have not found all the answers to this. I am still struggling through this issue, but I have begun to see that all these things that are going around me and the things that I am worrying about are truly so trite…so vain…so vanishing. My own goals seem so worthless, so self-centered, so carnal, when I take my eyes off His will. Yet, one look to the Savior, again, solves all the troubles of my soul, as I realize that seeking His pleasure, His glory, His approval, makes all my efforts entirely worth it, and all worldly goals utterly worthless.

“Let us not be desirous of vain glory.”
(Galatians 5:26)

Though the projects that I am doing may be good in themselves, if I lose sight of God’s will and how He wants to use these things – if I cease to do them for His glory and for my own edification – I will find that though these projects may be God’s will for me, it certainly is NOT His will for me to sacrifice my relationship with Him in doing these things.

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without,
redeeming the time.”
(Colossians 4:5)

Later in my life, I want to look back and see that because I focused on God’s will rather than the World’s approval, the Lord was able to use my life for His glory and my refining. I want to know that I looked to Christ alone for my reward and my motivation. And He was enough.

Look to Christ! Jesus is the Prince of Peace…stop and rest in Him. Let the cares of the world fade away, and with His strengthening peace filling your soul, you will be enabled to face the battles and troubles around – in His strength.



MAGGIE B. » I Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I really appreciated your February “monthly thought.” Actually, this is something that I have been thinking of over these past few weeks – focusing our whole life on the Lord.
Sad to say, in past years my life was mainly divided into two parts…my daily life and my walk with the Lord. I’d get out my Bible, hurriedly read a few verses, so I could get back to my busy life and feel good that I had “spent some time with the Lord.” But I am beginning to realize in a completely different way that my WHOLE life belongs to Him. He is our Heavenly Father – read His word, talk to Him through the day, ask His help with your projects, share Him with others, love Him always! Thanks again Sarah!


SAMANTHA P.» Thank you, Sarah, for this month’s “thought for the month”! It is something that I have been especially working on this month, namely to let nothing to take the place of my Savior in my life. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the things of this world, yet we are told, “be anxious for nothing”. God has loved us with an everlasting love, yet how often I do not seek to put Him first in everything! “Jesus! What a friend for sinners! Jesus! Lover of my soul, friends may fail me, foes assail me, He, my Savior, makes me whole. Hallelujah! What a Savior! Hallelujah! What a Friend! Saving, helping keeping, loving, He is with me to the end.”


SARAH LEE » Maggie and Samantha ~ thank you both for your thoughts – it is encouraging to hear that the Lord has been teaching you both similar things. Maggie I agree that it is so easy to not live daily life with Christ in and transforming every moment and action. But He should be because He is our best Friend! Blessings to you both. 

Reaching Out in Thoughtfulness (January)

copyright KBR Ministries

Have you ever been blessed by something very simple?

Recently, I received a very special card in the mail. When I saw the return address label, I squealed in surprise at who it was from – someone who I would have never, ever guessed would have thought to take time to write me! The card even more special because of the detailed, thoughtful, and sweet note written inside.

This young lady is several years older than I, and she is a wonderful example of a daughter whole-heartedly supporting and benefiting her family’s business. We have had the opportunities to talk on several occasions, but I thought, from observing her incredibly energetic life, that she would have never thought twice about me – let alone take time to write! Our lifestyles are very different and we do not have very much in common…so I thought.

Yet as I pondered this girl’s thoughtfulness, I realized – why should each of us not take the time to bless others through remembrance of their special events, birthdays, or interests? Shouldn’t each of us reach out extraordinarily to others around us, out of sincere concern and thoughtfulness – and even more so, to bless others for the cause of Christ?

The thoughtfulness my friend demonstrated to me in this card really struck home — I am not a thoughtful person. I am naturally so self-centered! I need to open my eyes to someone besides myself and listen to others and care for them. When they talk to me, I should not pick out the topics that I enjoy hearing about, or only talk with those who I feel like I will benefit from. I should take an interest in everyone – no matter if we have any thing in common or not! – but simply care about them, and their interests.

A profound gift of thoughtfulness doesn’t even have to cost money – not even a postage stamp. Our lives of thoughtfulness can be shared with anyone who has contact with us.

Have you thought of the gift that every single one of us can give everyday – it never costs us anything? We can do it all day long and the blessing it bestows is unlimited. It is called a smile. I am not Ms. Smiley personality myself, but I have realized what a smile can do to brighten someone’s entire day. When you get up in the morning, if the first thing you see is a smile on a siblings’ face, how do you feel? How about giving our family our smiles of acceptance?

Or what about a kind word or two? “Good job!” “Well done!” “Keep it up!” or more detailed praises are such a blessing given to our family or friends. Praise goes such a long ways in the encouragement and lifting of spirits.

Or when chatting with an acquaintance, make a point to remember their interests and things they talking about (not just, “That’s nice. I need to go now.”). Later if you have another chance to talk with them, remember what they said and ask them about it (their interests, a trip they were taking, family member that was sick, or anything else from the conversation). My mom is always very good at this – she remembers things that are going on in other’s lives that I would have never remembered – and she always remembers to think to ask about these things whenever she runs into them again.

Why not remember an acquaintance’s birthday? Send a little note, even if you don’t know her well, and you may be surprised at how blessed she will be by such a simple act of thoughtfulness. This can be an incredible ministry that any girl can do – right from home!

There are many simple little gifts that can be given as well – what about that little girl at your church whose seventh birthday is next week? Take her a little gift and birthday wishes. How about a friend who recently graduated…or an elderly lady who is recovering from surgery…or a sick friend…a pen-pal who is going through a trial…whatever the occasion, timely, inexpensive gifts can be given to bless others. Give gifts on the “no occasion” – just an “out-of-the-blue” thinking-of-you gift.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking along the lines of special gifts to give others. Depending on the receiver’s interests and season in life, customize your gifts to specially fit them and their situation.

Handmade Candle or Soap » If you have learned to make either of these items, they are always a useful and enjoyable gift. These are also great to give to those who are on a diet or cannot eat sweets.

Basket with Cookies or Freshly-Baked Bread or Herbal Tea » My sister Rachael reaches out to others through her baked goods – almost anyone loves to eat and enjoy a cookie!

Freshly-Picked Flowers (wild flowers are lovely!)

Handmade Bookmark » One friend sent me the prettiest bookmark which I use in my Bible every day. Personalize it for a special gift.

Framed Pictures » Be creative with this option and make a tribute for your special friend – print a Scripture or her name meaning on it – or take a photo of something she enjoys and frame it

Bread Covers » These are easy to make and very useful – if your gift is for a maiden, this is a wonderful “hopechest” addition. You can embroider her name on the corner to make it even more special.

Stationery Set » If your receiver is a writer, make a matching hand stamped stationery and envelopes set – and personalize with calligraphy

Gift Subscription » Give a gift subscription to an encouraging publication – this is a gift that continues to give throughout the year!

Inspirational Book » Give a Christian classic such as Stepping Heavenward, Pilgrim’s Progress or Hind’s Feet on High Places. If you can find these on sale in hardback, be sure to stock up on them to give as lovely gifts!

These last six ideas are easy and inexpensive to mail for friends far away. Share your ideas – what do you give to others as a little blessing gift? How have you been blessed in the past by something so simple yet thoughtful?

Let us reach out as lights for our dear, loving Savior, Who cared for everyone’s concerns and needs – the dirty, poor, sinful, weak, sinners as well as the rich and powerful sinners. He genuinely loved them – so much that He gave His life for them. He gave His life to all sinners – which includes me. What less can I do, as His servant?




SAMANTHA P. » Thank you for writing this, Sarah! I agree, thoughtfulness is such a beautiful ministry. Often times, just giving someone a smile can go a long way in blessing them. It reminds me of a song that a friend taught me several years ago. Here is the first verse of the song: “Every day in this world there are people that I meet; I walk up, shake their hand and they see… the kind of person that I am by the smile that I wear, I am blessed by the smile Jesus gives me!(Chorus) A smile, a smile, will make this life worthwhile, a smile, precious smile Jesus gives me. And everyday, I know up to heaven I will go, where I’ll thank Jesus for the smile He gives me!” I have been surprised by the people in my past who I barely knew and yet they told me later that they were blessed by my smile! It is encouraging to see God working through what we may consider ‘a very small thing’. I encourage you to take the time to bless someone today! Think of ways that you can show kindness to others and ask the Lord to use you as His humble instrument of grace! May all of you be blessed richly in this new year!!


SHILOH ARIEL » Thank you for the wonderful MT, Sarah!

Yes, I too have been blessed a letter from older sisters in Christ. Two dear sister in Christ (both who are now married) wrote me and it blessed me so much to think that they took the time to write and encourage me!

The Lord recently laid it on my heart to encourage those who are younger then I. Instead of always fellowshipping with my pears I need to seek out younger girls and encourage them in their walks with Christ too. The nine ideas you gave are wonderful and sometimes they can open doors to witness to those who may not have a strong walk with the Lord. Another idea is to give someone a quick phone call. Especially, if you don’t see them often or it’s a relative who lives in a different state. I try to remember to occasionally call my cousins and also try to remember to call on their birthdays as a way to bless them!

One other thing is encouragement. About six years ago I met a young lady who really encouraged me (just with her words etc.). I always remembered her and about 1 ½ years ago I saw her again (this time married and with two children) and she was the same encourager as well as such a godly example.

Thank you for the MT and I love the sneak preview of your new website design and I’m looking forward to seeing it when you finish!

P.S. Your letters are always an encouragement too. =)

In Christ,
~Shiloh Ariel

______________MAGGIE BULLINGTON » I was encouraged by your January “monthly thought.” How true that a small note or package can brighten some one’s day! I was really struck by your point about a simple smile. We have so much to smile about – just let the Lord shine through to everyone around you!
By the way…I love the new format!


SARAH LEE » Samantha, Shiloh, and Maggie, Thanks so much for sharing. Samantha thank you especially for the encouragement regarding smiling. What a good challenge that is to be a light and blessing for Christ through that ministry. Shiloh, a phone call is also a wonderful idea. Maggie thank you for your sweet note too – I love hearing from each of you!


BRIANNA » What a truly beautiful post, Sarah! I agree 100%! I’m afraid I don’t have any further suggestions for ways to be thoughtful to others because everyone else has listed all the ideas I myself would have suggested. :-) However, I do believe it is important to keep in mind that sometimes just “being there” is as important as random acts of thoughtfullness, especially when it concerns close friends and family. Many people will take the time to do out-of-the-blue acts of kindness, but not many will put out genuine effort to be a loyal friend and dependable, steady encouragement to those around them. Would it mean more if a person did a few sweet acts of kindness to you, took an interest in your life, etc. and then pulled out of touch shortly thereafter? Or would it be of more value if that person were always there for you, through the trials and blessings of your walk with Christ? Continually reaching out to certain family members/friends can sometimes have a larger effect than randomly reaching out to numerous people which you may not have too much contact with in the future. I’m not downplaying the importance of doing thoughtful things for others (especially when witnessing to unbelievers), but I am saying that kind acts need not always end there. ;-)


SARAH LEE » Brianna, you had some very good points – thank you for your input. Being a faithful, constant, and true friend is something rare to find, but in Christ, we all should be that way to our Sisters in Him. Thanks for writing.


ELIZABETH » Hello Sarah!
Thank you for the encouraging post! I always enjoy reading your monthly thought! I especially enjoyed reading the list of ideas for simple gifts to give young ladies. I recently took a sheet of pretty paper and made sections of the months and then wrote each girl’s name in our church under the month of her birthday and the date. I try to make a handmade card on each young lady’s birthday. Sometimes I am very busy and don’t have time, but the sheet of birthdays has been very helpful in remembering birthdays.
I enjoyed seeing your idea of a handmade, pretty bookmark. Perhaps I will add a handmade bookmark to the card with their name, what their name means and a Bible verse on some pretty paper.
My “The King’s Blooming Rose” came yesterday in the afternoon and it is such a blessing! I walked out to the mailbox, hoping to see a shiny pink cover…and there it was! I am enjoying it so very much! And the theme is wonderful! I have three younger brothers, so I am enjoying the articles very much! KBR is such a blessing to me when it comes in the mail! Thank you!
The new website design is lovely! Also, congratulations on winning Jasmine’s giveaway…you will have to tell us how the movie is! Return of the Daughters has been a great blessing to me, so I look forward to seeing the new movie.
Sorry for such a long comment! :)
Blessings, Sarah!


SARAH LEE » Elizabeth, good to hear from you!! What a ministry you have there in writing birthday cards for the ladies in your church. I too have done that in the past and find it incredibly rewarding to bless others like that. So glad that KBR arrived as well and thanks for your congratulations for winning the giveaway. What a surprise it was to us!


T.B. » Thank you all for posting such encouraging thoughts! Sarah, thank you for the ideas. I’m sure my friends will be benefiting from them. Thanks again!


SHILOH ARIEL » Hi, I just wanted to comment and say that I enjoyed reading Elizabeth’s thought. Years ago I sent a birthday card to a girl (who attended the same church) and we became pen-pals. What a blessing! ~Shiloh

Scripture Memory (December)

Memorizing Scripture 

Time flies – I can’t believe that December has already arrived! At the end of each year, I like to reflect on the previous months and events. Something that is always evident in days gone by is God’s hand and plan unfolding. I am awed to see all the Lord has done!

Each New Year’s I make a list of goals to work toward in the coming year. I can’t say how much of those goals I actually accomplish, but it is always encouraging to read over the goals at the end of that year and see what the Lord has done in my life, and the prayers He has answered.

One of the goals I made last year was to memorize Scripture. I have known for many years that I needed to hide God’s word in my heart, but just did not make the commitment to do so. Finally, one day I just told myself I was goingto do it, and decided to make myself accountable to someone and memorize with them. I asked a mature friend if she would join me, and she agreed. As we have memorized Titus together, our friendship has been strengthened and I also have been pushed to be diligent with my memorization! Actually I have found that memorizing is much easier than I thought it would be. The biggest blessing is having these verses in my mind to dwell on during the spare moments throughout the day.

Here are some ideas that I have found helpful in memorizing Scripture:

~Pick a few verses or even phrases to work on at a time. Each morning during devotions, study the entire passage, but then specifically pick out the next phrase that you need to memorize, and break it down. How many phrases (divided by conjunctions) are in that verse, and are the phrases in an special order that would assist you in remembering it? For example, if there are three ways we should live in the passage I am currently working on (Titus 2), how can I remember exactly what order they are listed? Are they listed alphabetically? In verse 12 they are actually the opposite – backwards: soberly, righteously, andgodly; and all three end in –ly. There are several ways to make a phrase memorable – even just by repeatedly studying the order of the words in the phrase.

~Write the verses that you are working on on a sticky-note and post it on your bed, mirror, desk, or other often-used place. This will help you memorize how it looks, and also serves to help other family members memorize them with you!

~Recite the verses while driving, resting, folding clothes, or going to sleep – any time you need something worthy to think about!

~Listen to the passage read – recordings are available, often for free, in many formats.

~Be faithful. Do not put it down! Make a habit each time during your daily devotions and maybe another time of day as well to work on Scripture memory.

~Be accountable. Memorize with a friend or family member, and regularly check in with them and tell them how you are progressing.

If you have any tips to share, please do! I am learning and want to hear what works for you.

I want to encourage you also to evaluate your life during the closing of this year – choose about three areas that you desire to grow in during 2010. I would love for you to share the goals you set for the coming new year with me! Let us spur one another on in the ways of the Lord.


Rachael and Sarah B.

Copyright by Sarah Bryant

“I have one deep, supreme desire−
That I may be like Jesus.
To this I fervently aspire−
That I may be like Jesus.

I want my heart His throne to be,
So that the watching world may see 
His likeness shining forth in me
I want to be like Jesus.”
-“I want to be Like Jesus” by Thomas O. Chisholm



What a beautiful article, I to have often known and wanted to memorize scripture, but I never ended up doing it. I am so glad that you have made this calendar available, and I know that with God’s help I will be able to memorize 11 Corinthians with my sister. Thanks so much!
P.S. Here are some things that I hope to improve in the next year:
1. Memorize more scripture
2. Be more like Jesus in every way possible
3. Be more of a caring gentle sister and a great example as well.
May God Bless!!!

SARAH LEE » Bethany, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I am so glad that you are now going to work on memorizing Scripture! I know the Lord will abundantly bless your faithfulness in that. Also, I am so thankful you shared three goals for your life in the new year! Those are wonderful areas that I think each one of us will always have to grow in. In fact, those were some of my goals for the past year. May He bless you this new year!!

JENNY FLORIO » I enjoyed reading your monthly thought. Memorizing is so important! I feel such an urge to memorize God’s Word when I consider all that is going on in our government and wonder if one day I will not have such easy access to the written Word as I do now! I have been listening to the Bible on CD lately and that really helps with memorizing. I am working on memorizing John right now, going rather slowly through it. It is such a special book! Lately I have been meditating on the verse, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” How amazing to think that He came truly dwells among us, that He, very God, desires to be with US! I can’t even comprehend it… He is an amazing God!

SARAH LEE » Jenny, I appreciate you sharing what Scripture memorizing “projects” you have been working on as well. You shared some very good ideas for memorizing – I also have found it so beneficial to listen to the Bible read (I use my MP3 player and often listen to the passage as I go to sleep). One of the greatest things about memorizing Scripture is that it is always in mind to abide on.

Broken & Spilled Out (November)

Fall Colors

Broken and Spilled Out

One day a plain village woman
Driven by love for her Lord
Recklessly poured out a valuable essence
Disregarding the scorn
And once it was broken and spilled out
A fragrance filled all the room
Like a pris’ner released from his shackles
Like a spirit set free from the tomb!

Broken and spilled out
Just for love of you Jesus
My most precious treasure
Lavished on Thee
Broken and spilled out
And poured at Your feet
In sweet abandon
Let me be spilled out
And used up for Thee

Recently, as I listened to this beautiful song, I was uplifted and blessed. It reminded me of Christ and His love for me, reminded me that all I needed to do was simply … to become broken and spilled out for Him.

Lord You were God’s precious treasure
His loved and His own perfect Son
Sent here to show me
The love of the Father
Just for love it was done
And though You were perfect and holy
You gave up Yourself willingly
You spared no expense for my pardon
You were used up and wasted for me

Sisters, pour out your life for Christ! He spared NO expense to give you eternal life. He, the perfect and only Son of the Almighty God, was sacrificed for our sin. This thought brings me joy and awe. Rest in His love for you, and never cease to dwell on that cherished precious thought. When you remember this, you will become a life spilled out in service for our Savior. That is all He wants! I will close with this thought for you to dwell on:

Broken and spilled out
Just for love of me Jesus
God’s most precious treasure
Lavished on me
You were broken and spilled out
And poured at my feet
In sweet abandon Lord
You were spilled out and used up for … Me.
by Steve Green

Praise the Lord!

My friend Mrs. Lindsey has some some thoughts to share on Christ and His beauty for you this fall.

Fall Colors

Autumn Leaves
& The Beauty of the Lord
by Mrs. Connie Lindsey

The colorful leaves of autumn always bring joy to my heart. I enjoy taking pictures, trying to capture this heavenly beauty, to store away in my picture albums for further enjoyment. I sometimes stop and watch the golden leaves falling and blowing, hoping to tuck away this memory of the creativity of God.

I have a precious memory of my Father-in-law, Delmar and I chasing after leaves, beautiful red leaves, as the rest of the family was shopping in a nearby store. He knew I enjoyed pressing beautiful leaves and using them in our home and Church.

The beauty of the Lord is quite evident all around us. Not only in nature, but also in His provisions of grace, abounding grace. How thankful we should be for God’s loving patience with us. I also see the beauty of the Lord as I read His wonderful Word. The scripture really spoke to my heart this evening. How applicable! I look at the Bible like as a nourishing, satisfying meal.

I am so grateful for my family, and my brothers and sisters in Christ! This too is a gift, a beautiful gift of the Lord. Just as with the leaves, I enjoy preserving memories of my two families.

I find more and more as I get older that life is most beautiful and satisfying as I surrender each area to Christ. All of us have a stubborn will that wants it’s own way. Selfishness is not beautiful.

Righteousness is beautiful, like the various colorful leaves falling from trees. And think of it, the leaves are dead, reminding us that we too should be dead to self, and alive to God.

~Mrs. Connie Lindsey

Feminine Attire (October)

The Bryant Ladies

Since a young age, my parents have taught me the importance of dressing in neat, orderly, and modest clothing. As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate dressing in modest yet beautiful attire.

I have found it vital to evaluate my wardrobe to fit my authorities’ wishes. Sometimes my parents do not strictly forbade me to wear something, but any remarks they make about it may be good indicators of their preferences. For example, I was recently interested in making a particular style blouse that I thought was pretty. When my dad saw a picture of this style, he remarked, “I hate those things!” I knew that was the end of making that style blouse for my wardrobe! Maybe at times you are in question of some particular piece of clothing. I encourage you to ask your mom or dad if they like it. Maybe other times you like some style that your parents dislike. It is hard sometimes to surrender our own preferences, but as daughters it is our duty to submit to our parents’ desires, and the area of dress is no small area to do so. The Lord promises blessings to those who honor their parents (Exodus 20:2).


At times we may feel tempted to wear what others are wearing or what is “in style.” It can be hard to see others dress differently, yet we are called to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14: “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.“), not of the world (Romans 12:2). I encourage you to not worry about what others – even your friends – wear; it simply does not matter to you. All that is important for us as daughters is making sure we are in accord with our family’s standard. When we are obedient, it may also prove to be a witness to those around us. Our testimony may encourage others to also dress modestly; dressing beautifully and as ladies is a very strong witness to the world around us. If someone (even a friend) challenges the way you dress, point them to your father and that you are doing what he wants you to!

Femininity is important when clothing ourselves. There are some clothes that simply are not very becoming to a woman of God nor the role that we ladies carry. Strive to wear beautiful, flowing, clothing that honors the Lord.

The Bryant Ladies, May 2008

Neatness is also a vital key in being a good witness for Christ. We are ambassadors of Christ; it is important that we dress in an appealing manner. Everyone, no matter what her family’s dress standard is, can apply basic principles in the area of maintaining orderly and neat dress. Our God is a God of order and purity; 1 Corinthians 14:40 instructs, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” While there may be certain tasks and times that we may have dirty clothing, rarely do we have to appear in public with this appearance; and it should definitely not become a regular habit! This kind of appearance distracts away from Christ in our heart.

Here are some starters in maintaining a clean appearance in our dress – although not a comprehensive list.

  • Always make sure your clothes are clean and neatly ironed
  • Make sure there are no missing buttons or other accessories
  • Make sure there are no loose threads attached to your garments
  • Choose colors that go well with your skin/hair color. Delight in being unique!
  • Be sure that your hair is also brushed and orderly. Be creative with hairstyles – experiment around and do it differently for a change. There are so many options, depending on your own hair length.

Modest clothing is often hard for my family to find, so we have made more and more of our own clothing. Since we do this, sewing matching outfits for us ladies has become fun and practical, and I have also learned that great creativity can be applied in sewing clothing. There are so many options – adding a ruffle to a skirt, a bit of lace around a neckline, picking out beautiful prints or pastel materials, and so many other options. Explore the options in your sewing as well as your clothing!


I have found several patterns that I regularly use in our sewing and I have found suitable for our clothing. I thought I would share a few of them here. I cannot guarantee that they are all still in print, as we have used some of these patterns for several years.

  • Simplicity 9001 (Girls’ skirt)
  • McCall’s 8879 (Mom’s favorite straight jumper pattern)
  • McCall’s 3541 (Ladies’ blouse)
  • Simplicity 3527 (My favorite jumper/dress pattern with princess seams)
  • Butterick 4136 (a new skirt pattern: has a fitted waist with side zipper: gored, flared panels; it turned out well. Pictured on Sarah in top photo)

We recently went shopping for material and stocked up on enough fabric to last us a while. I picked out some different fabrics and patterns for a change! Here are some of the sewing projects I am currently working on:

Projects - Material

  • WHITE: I bought material for Rachael and I matching blouses. I hope this batch turns out; the previous attempts had a few glitches. I use the McCall’s pattern listed above.
  • KHAKI: I am entering the total unknown here to make a princess-seam style jacket. Hopefully this endeavor turns out well since I have been wanting this type of jacket; they are fairly expensive to buy, and making it myself will allow me to be creative to suit my needs. I did a pattern for this project: McCall’s 5668.
  • GRAY: I thought this was a calm, pretty color for a skirt; I have not completely decided which skirt pattern I will use for this suede/cotton material.

Sarah, cutting out a skirt

Please share about any clothing projects you are working on, or other dressing tips you have learned! I always enjoy hearing what others have learned in this area. May the Lord bless you as you strive to dress as a daughter of the King!

Copyright by Sarah Bryant

“In like manner also, 
women adorn themselves 
in modest apparel.

-1 Timothy 2:0