Opportunities to Invest (April Challenge)

by Rachel Crosswhite (16) Oldest of Seven Children As a big sister to five of the most wonderful brothers and one precious sister, I have plenty of opportunities to encourage my siblings. Each day the Lord gives me with my family is a priceless gift – and I thank him for both. Here are some

Memories that Will Last a Lifetime (April Challenge)

By Amanda Silvey (20) Second oldest of seven children  The time we spend investing in the lives of our brothers and sisters is so important. Our younger siblings look up to us and, many times, we don’t realize how much they watch us. We can have a great impact through our example that we show

Redeeming the Time (April Challenge)

By Hope Schmidt (19) “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.” {Colossians 4:5} I have eight younger siblings, from Joy, who is two years younger than myself and my closest confident, to five energetic brothers; sensitive, five-year-old Liberty; and the baby, Grace, who is almost two. I love them all, and wouldn’t trade

The Joy of Little Siblings (April Challenge)

By Belle Hignight (10) Being a big sister can be a wonderful thing, if you look for all the blessings in it! I have been so blessed lately by my baby sister, Charlotte-Grace Redemption. My three sisters and I prayed that God would give us another baby. He did! When I first met her, I was

Showing Our Siblings Love (April Challenge)

by Beth Thompson “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.” {Romans 12:10} What precious gifts the LORD has given us in our siblings! I thank GOD daily for these family friendships that He has blessed me with; relationships that are used as teaching tools by the LORD to grow